Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp 2016

(Seminar will be held in english language. The following simultaneous translation are available: italian, german)

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Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp
October 15/16 2016
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Your Future Starts Now!

Network Marketing is more than a project, it’s a profession. If you go about it the right way, it could turn into a career, or even lead you to leave the job that is making you so unhappy right now. Network Marketing can give you the kind of freedom you have always dreamed of having in your life.

This event is for people who want to take action in their Network Marketing careers. It’s an event for people who want to improve their skills and are ready to give it their best shot. This is going to be the biggest and greatest generic network-marketing training event in the history of European Network Marketing! Eric Worre is going to share the very best of the experience he has acquired over the last 25 years, focusing on the fundamental skills MLM distributors need in order to take their business to the next level. The techniques you can use to develop a successful business are simple and easy to learn: Eric Worre will teach you how to harness your skills so that you achieve the success you want in direct sales, distributor marketing or Network Marketing. At the Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp you will learn the fundamental ideas you need to know if you are serious about becoming successful, also through a lot of practical and high experiential exercises. If you truly want to work in Network Marketing, then you’ve got to go pro. Sign up now for the Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp!

Here's what you'll learn at this
fantastic 2-day event

During this exclusive training, Eric Worre will teach you how to strengthen your mindset and implement the most effective strategies to improve your Network Marketing business. What you’ll learn in just 2 days will help you to develop better understanding of the Network Marketing Profession; learn necessary strategies and skills and create a game plan that will help you get to the next level. If you want to be successful, you need to model what successful people are doing. Eric will share with you what he learned from his own experience by building successful organizations of over 500,000 people in 60 countries around the world, as well as the best practices of the top income producers in our profession.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How to develop and nurture a winning mindset in your Network Marketing business in order to achieve substantial income;
  • How to master the 7 fundamental skills of successful network marketers;
  • How to create a strategy that will give you the best results in the shortest time;
  • How to make your dreams come true by easily reaching your objectives;
  • How to become a Leader with a success-filled career;
  • How to create a game plan that will give you full control over your future!

About Eric Worre

Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for over 25 years.
As a Network Marketing professional, during his distinguished career as a top leader, Eric has built sales organisations with more than 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries worldwide. Formerly president of a 200 million dollar company, he also co-founded and served as president of his own company TPN-The Peoples Network and has been hired as a 7-figure consultant to the Network Marketing industry and sold over a million copies since inception in May of 2013.
Eric has become an accomplished trainer and conducted hundreds of live events worldwide, teaching people how to become Network Marketing professionals. He has shared the stage with every major speaker in personal development and Network Marketing, including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and many more.
Eric is the author of the International best-selling book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”, which has sold over 300,000 copies in its first 10 months and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their Network Marketing business.

Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp
October 15/16 2016
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Eric takes his more than 25 years experience in the profession and boils it down to nuts and bolts practical wisdom you can learn and apply. If you want to succeed, if you are serious about being a network marketing professional, make sure you go to this event!
Chris Widener,
author of The Art of Influence
The strategies and scripts Eric Worre details in this book are as solid and proven as they get. Regardless of which company you're with, this book will give you the key to achieving financial and lifestyle freedom in network marketing.
Matt Morris,
author of the Best-Seller The Unemployed Millionaire
Eric is a master teacher. He focuses on core fundamentals that work and he keeps it simple. His story about the game plan interview can, singlehandedly, propel your residual income to the next level. This is a must read for anyone who wants to Go Pro in this business.
Kody Bateman,
founder and CEO of SendOutCards and author of MLM Blueprint
I first met Eric Worre at an industry event where he was the key-note speaker in 2004. I was instantly impressed by his experience. It was refreshing to listen to a trainer who actually had experience at the top of the game. I left that event inspired by Eric and decided to follow his advice. In the following decade I've made millions in the business because of what I learned at that event.
Ken Dunn,
millionaire in a year
Congratulations Eric Worre! Eric has with t he best communication skills to help people see there is a better way. Eric Worre is the only trainer I recommend to everyone in my organisation. I tell them to attend every event he does as he creates new leaders, teaches you how to develop your skills, which adds value to your profession. Thank you Eric for reminding everyone that Network Marketing is a profession. Keep up the good work. This industry needs your events. Sincere gratitude from me and my team!
Jim Fobair,
Network Marketing Legend
I met Eric Worre a number of years ago and I have always considered him a serious, competent professional. The depth of his knowledge and understanding of our industry and the requirements for participant success are immediately apparent. There are a handful of simple skills required to succeed in our industry that will get you the key in the lock to success in our great industry. If you decide to go to one of this events, you will acquire the know-how to develop these skills.
Randy Schroeder,

Celebrity Testimonials

Eric Worre possesses the skills to develop the huge potential that resides in the Multi-level Network Marketing industry. If you are not yet involved in the Network Marketing profession, this is your chance to learn how to become one of today’s and tomorrow’s industry Leaders!
Tony Robbins,
the world’s foremost peak performance coach
Eric Worre has the tools and the knowledge to show you how to build a successful Network Marketing business for yourself! Eric draws upon his more than twenty years of experience to give you information that will change the way you think and do business. In my life, everything changed when I began to understand the Network Marketing business.
Bob Proctor,
a living master of The Secret, one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of prosperity.
Welcome to the Business of the 21st century! Eric Worre will show you all you need to know to develop the perfect business for you. Once you have learned the effective strategies to make the most of this business opportunity, you’ be able to start building the life you want.
Robert Kiyosaki,
best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Business of the 21st Century”
Network Marketing
Pro Boot Camp
Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp
October 15/16 2016
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Palacongressi di Rimini

Via della Fiera 23
47923 Rimini (RN) Italia

Saturday, October 15th | 07:00 – 09:45 (Check-In) Saturday, October 15th | 10:00 – 20:00 Sunday, October 16th | 09:00 – 19:00

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No specific companies or products will be presented. Leave your badges or product samples at home. We want to create a safe environment for people to meet and get to know each other so they can learn and grow together and become more successful!

This event is a no recruiting zone. The promotion of companies, products and opportunities is strictly prohibited. This event is delivered in a completely generic format. Distributors of the Network Marketing Profession and Corporate Executives of more than 100 different companies will attend the event. Any attempt of recruiting or promoting any product or activity will result in the immediate exclusion from the event with no refund. We are seriously committed to creating a safe environment for every distributor. This Event is designed to educate and elevate the profession of Network Marketing in general.

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