The Sales Explosion Program 2016

A training led by Blair Singer

How to increase your sales by over 400%?! Get to know the best sales training in the world, conducted personally by Blair Singer!

A man with over 40 years of practical, hands-on experience in sales!

Give me two minutes of your precious time and I will make you realize how extremely important sales is in modern times.

Do you have an excellent business idea?
Is your product top-of-the-range in your business sector?
Are you services the ones that are really worth considering?

Maybe this is the case. Tell me how many people use your products and services? Are they all aware of the fact that what you have to offer to others is simply the best?

It is possible that they do not know it, maybe the information will never reach them! Because sales is the art of presenting the value that you already have. That is why this training has been created. So that you could show what you have to offer to others with excellence and in an extremely effective way.

The Sales Explosion Program
19-20th November 2016
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Who is Blair Singer?

An advisor to Robert Kiyosaki’s "Rich Dad” company, an internationally recognized speaker and bestselling author, Blair Singer will smoothly guide you through numerous ideas and exercises, which will help you to experience at first hand what you will have learnt by the time this training is over!

You will learn how to:
  • Sell any product or service without the fear of being rejected
  • Tap into your utmost confidence and emotional perseverance in order to generate money from sales in any business sector
  • Master handling objections and increase the sales conversion immediately
  • Recruit and lead your high performance, winning team on the path to success and prosperity
  • Present like a genuine professional in front of any audience
  • Identify and get rid of "The Little Voice” which prevents you from living the life of your dreams
  • Overcome your biggest sales objections and generate within the next 6 months more income than in the last 2 years!

Are you a business owner or maybe you wish to break a new sales record?!

Blair Singer has taught thousands of people how to overcome their limitations that were preventing them from achieving their goals and realizing their full potential! He can teach you to do so too!

Take part in the program and be willing to embrace the following:

Experiencing... Learn through experiencing. This has nothing to do with Power Point and a 4-hour long and tedious lecture! In small groups you will learn directly from Blair Singer and you will practice together with other participants.
Remembering... People will remember definitely more what they have experienced than what they have only heard, seen, written or read. Not only will you learn all the crucial issues, you will start living and breathing them!
Growing... The ultimate objective in life is to move forward, to grow. During this training you will have no alternative but to start developing based upon all the experiences. You will become an even better person than before. You will grow! Ready and willing to take on bigger, more exciting challenges than ever before!

Blair has worked with hundreds of thousands of people and organizations in more than 20 countries, helping them to get massive income and success!

Predominantly through managing "Your Little Voice” inside your head and developing skills in the realm of sales, teams, relations and money.

After two days of participating in Sales Explosion, be ready to enjoy the life full of:

  • an arsenal of effective selling skills which will enable you to present like a genuine pro one-to-one or in front of a bigger audience, handle any objection and master your general business communication skills
  • ability to overcome the fear of rejection
  • tools that will help you to cope in a more effective way with thoughts that keep sabotaging your results and with the feeling of self-doubt
  • in-depth understanding of how to recruit, manage and lead a group of sales leaders
  • redefined personal and professional goals
  • a newly awakened passion for achieving your most significant objectives


Hi, my name is Susan Paul and I came for Blair Singer’s program this weekend in London. I want to talk to you about my today’s experiences and generally about the whole weekend. This is absolutely phenomenal. I attended one of the previous trainings by Blair – "Train The Trainer” – which basically changed my life! Before I came here, sales had always been for me very difficult, because I am an attorney, I used to be a judge and this is not something I had to do previously. I was terrified! Just like at the very thought of speaking publicly to people, which I found extremely hard before. The training proved to be really eye-opening, it opened my mind to new possibilities, I got rid of fear and finally understood the essence of sales. I learnt what my genuine passion was. I would have never thought that this might be sales. Thank you so much!
Susan Paul
Hello, my name is Ian Jackson, I have my own business and currently I am attending Blair’s two-day program "Sales Explosion” . Again, Blair was absolutely fantastic! Before I came here, I was interested in finding out what was going on in the minds of my customers and now it clearly dawned on me that it all boiled down to what was going on in my mind! Blair is a genuine professional, he takes pride in over 20 years of experience and he speaks straight from the heart. The guy is so full of integrity in whatever he does! No matter what is that you do in life, if you take part in this training, you will receive amazing value in what he teaches. I whole-heartedly recommend this event!
Ian Jackson
The Sales Explosion Program
19-20th November 2016
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Now all you need to do is to check how much it will influence your sales results and the results of your team!

Being aware of how massive value you will get, make sure to be able to learn from one of the best salespersons and trainers in the world, through taking part in the Polish edition of the training, led personally by the one and only Blair Singer on 19-20th November 2016 in Rawa Mazowiecka (Hotel Ossa).


rawa mazowiecka

Ossa 1, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka, Polonia
+48 22 826 30 82

Saturday, November 19th Sunday, November 20th


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